Arendals Courtyard – Bakgården


Bakgården is the best preserved courtyard in Arendal, dating back to 1720 when part of the house was built by Peder Thomasson. It is situated in Tyholmen, the old part of Arendal, were you can still find houses from the 16th to the 18th century, when the town when Arendal was one of the wealthiest towns in northern Europe. The buildings surrounding the backyard were built on a small island, with the canal – Smalsundet (narrow strait), in front. In 1778 the different buildings were gathered under one roof. The buildings were initially was built in Rococo style, which is evident when looking at the buildings from inside the courtyard. as can still be seen quite well inside the backyard, but the facade towards the street (canal until 1901) was remodeled into late empire in 1865. Peder Thomasson married Lovise Groos, and the childless couple left a large cultural and finanical heritage to the municipality of Arendal. There is still a street named after Thomasson. The house in now owned by Fagforeningen, a local union in Arendal.

Bakgården is today one of the country’s most charming and idyllic venues for concerts and events. From May to September you can experience a variety of concerts. With these wonderful surroundings and the intimacy between the artists and their audience this venue has been the favorite place to be for some of our most famous artist’s throughout years.

Program 2020.

Please check the website in April / May for the program for the summer of 2020.

Program 2018 – Bakgården:

Onsdag 13. june
Kl. 20:00: GURLS.
Groovy Gurls Power.
Hanna Paulsberg sax/vokal, Rohey Taalah voc, Ellen Andrea Wang bas/voc. Arr: Kulturnettverk/Arendal Jazzklubb.

Onsdag 20. june
Kl. 20:00: Michael Villmow with band. A Family Affair.

Camilla Susann Haug vocal, Oscar Andreas Haug tp, Lars Andreas Haug tuba, Frederik Villmow dr, Michael Villmow sax.

Onsdag 27. june
Kl. 20:00: Brøløy present Bunnlinja. Theater.
Marianne Meløy acting, Trygve Brøske piano

Onsdag 4. july
Kl. 20:00: Det Betales.
Best of Beatles! Bernt Michael Johansen voc/b, Håvard Caspersen gtr, Magne Frydenlund gtr:/voc,Tor Henning Olsen voc/gtr, Rolf Øyvind Hæg dr,

Torsdag 12. july
Kl. 20:00: Mikael Wiehe solo.
Mikael Wiehe voc/gtr.

Onsdag 18. july
Kl. 20:00: Vidar Busk & Daniel Eriksen.
Blues, vintage rock ‘n roll og soul.

Vidar Busk/Daniel Eriksen gtr, voc, dobro, trampeboks m.m.

Tirsdag 24. july kl. 19.00. Tors
dag 26. july kl. 18.00. Fredag 27. july kl. 18.00.

Mellåm holmer & skjær. Arendals city – history. A Play by Odd Vaagland. Regi Kjersti Elvik. Acters: Knut Elvik, Fredrik Schulzhe Krog. Music: Espen Larsen gitar Rasmus Solem piano Dag Tynes drums Ole Kelly Kvamme bas.

Arr: Canal Street/Kulturnettverket.

Fredag 3. aug.
Kl. 20:00: Majken Christiansen with band.
Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald – the first lady of song.

Majken Christiansen voc, Håvard Fossum sax, David Skinner el.piano, Stig Hvalryg bas, Torstein Ellingsen dr.

Onsdag 8. aug.
Kl. 20:00: Staffan Hellstrand.
Meet one of Nordens big rock- and pop-poet. Staffan Hellstrand voc/gtr.

Mandag 13. aug.
Kl. 20.00. Arve Tellefsen (violin) og Kjetil Bjerkestrand (piano). Free Concert
. Arr. Arendalsuka.

Tirdag 14. aug. Kl. 18:00 Cultural-debate. Arr. Kunstnernettverket.
Kl. 20.00 Oslo Stringquartet.
Geir Inge Lotsberg og Liv Hilde Klokk, violin, Magnus Boye Hansen, bratsj, Øystein Sonstad cello. Free Concert. Arr: Arendalsuka.

Onsdag 15. aug.
Kl. 21:00: «Svarte natta» Debate about taxes and concert with Unni Wilhelmsen, Sol Heilo og Hanne Mari Karlsen. Free Concert
. Arr: Samarbeid mot svart økonomi.

Torsdag 16. aug.
Kl 18:30: Conversation led by Harald Stanghelle «What happens in USA»
Kl.20:00: Concert with Kirsti, Ola & Erik.
Rags & Silks. Kirsti Huke voc, Ola Kvernberg violin, Erik Nylander dr. Free Concert Arr: Arendalsuka.

Fredag 17. aug.
kl. 12.00: Cultural Debate.
Arr; Arrangørforum/Balansekunst.

Kl. 13.30 ; Concert mwith Erlend Ropstad (gtr/voc) & Erlend Viken (violin) Free Concert. Arr: Arrangørforum/Ballansekunst og Arendalsuka.

Fredag 24 aug.
Kl. 20:00: “The Heroes of Kringen – a Pipers Tale”.
Bag-pipe evening.
Peter Harris bagpipe, Ken Valentine, bagpipe, Nikoli Hagenhuse bagpipe, Leif Morten Larsen, snare drum.

Onsdag 29 aug. kl. 19.00: Amatørene. Singalong. Arr: Amatørene.

Fredag 31. aug. kl. 19.00: Amatørene Singalong. Arr: Amatørene.

Tickets for Amatørene are available at the entrance. Arrangements during «Arendalsuka» are free.

Consert at farm:
Austre Moland: Family-consert at the farm of Sigurd og Anne-Berit Ledaal, Ottersland.

Søndag 8. july  17.00.

Sigrid Moldestad (hardingfele, voc) with Mattias Pérez (gtr).  Norwegian- sweedish duo with roots in folk-music.

Tickets on arrival: Familyticket NOK 500,- Single ticket NOK 250,- Student NOK 100,

Bring something to sit on.  The concert will be announced in the local papers.


E-18 from Arendal:
Follow signs to Saltrød and Heftingdalen. Take a left after 500 meters – towards Strengereid. Drive another 2 kilometer and take a right towards Saltrød.  After 500 meter you will reach Ottersland farm.


Practical information

Bakgården has a capacity of 200, and has a portable roof in case of showers. Beverages for sale.

Address: Nedre Tyholmsvei 16, 4836 Arendal.


Can be bought in Arendal Culture house ticketoffice, Sam Eydes plass 2, Monday – Friday 11.00 – 15.00, or at the entrance before the concert – if still available.

Online: (online ticketsale close 16.00 on consertday)


Telephone: 37 00 60 60 – workingdays 11.00 – 16.00 (except july month)

Tickets for Amatørene are available at the entrance. Arrangements during «Arendalsuka» are free.

Bakgården is supported by the municipality of Arendal and Aust-Agder Bibliotek og kulturformidling.

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